To add non-LearnCoach activities into your class:

Step 1: Go to the class you want to add an activity to. 

Step 2: Click on the 'Edit Standards tab', then go to the standard you want to add an activity to and click the 'Edit the Course' button.

Step 3: On the course editor press the 'create an activity' button 

Step 4: Choose where you want the activity to sit in the playlist. Once you have decided where the activity will go in the playlist, click the "+ Add activity here" button to save its position.

This is where the activity will appear in the course playlist for students.

Step 5: Enter the details for your activity.  Add title for your activity and write the details in the text box.

Step 6: If you want to attach a file for students to download with the activity, upload the file now.

Step 7: If you want students to submit their work for this activity, select "Students must upload a file". If you don't need students to upload anything while working on the activity, select "Uploads are not required"

Step 8: Press publish and see a preview of the activity. If you want to see exactly how students will see this activity in the course, click "View in class playlist".

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