If you received an unexpected credit card charge attributed to "LearnCoach" it means that your credit card was used to purchase an annual plan.

The reason you were charged is because the annual plan your credit card is attached to auto-renewed, due to the auto-renew not being turned off.

***If you originally purchased your annual plan before 1st March 2021, email info@learncoach.com and we may be able to offer you a refund.***

If you purchased your original annual plan on or after this date, read on below...

We don't offer refunds, only life lessons. (read more below)


To avoid being auto-renewed and charged again in 12 months' time, cancel your annual plan by following these steps:

  • Log into your LearnCoach account. (if you're a parent, ask your kids to log in)

  • Go to your account page.

  • Scroll down to the "Current Plan" section.

  • Under the section "Auto renew", click the toggle to turn off the auto renew.

  • Check: If the toggle now says "Off", it means you have successfully turned off auto renew! You don't need to do anything else.

Note: if your 3 payment annual plan auto-renewed, you will be charged $40 each month over the first 3 months of your annual plan. 3 x $40 = $120. It is not possible to remove your credit card from your account until the three payments have been made. After the final payment, you will be able to remove your card if you wish.

For those who had their one payment annual plan auto-renew, your only charge will be the one payment of $104.

Now for the life lessons (students mainly, but parents also welcome):

  • You've invested in yourself and your education, which will pay back many times over in the future.

  • Making money is fun and now you've got some extra motivation. Here are some tips we put together on how to make it back.

  • Whenever you purchase a subscription to something, write it down, alongside the date it is going to renew. Keep track of all your subscriptions in the one place eg. a Word doc. Set a reminder in your calendar 1 week before each subscription renews so you can decide if you still want that subscription in your life. Netflix may be cool in 2022, but by 2025, it could be down the toilet.

  • If your annual plan auto-renewed, but you now have no use for it, consider gifting it to someone doing NCEA this or next year. Just go to your account page and change your email and password, then give them your details so they can log in.

If you’ve got a good reason and you message us within 5 days of purchasing a new annual plan, we will offer a refund. Key word: "new".

This refund policy does not apply to auto-renewal of annual plans. There are no refunds for forgetting to turn off your auto-renew.

If the unexpected charge on your credit card doesn't fall into one of the above situations, send us a message at info@learncoach.com

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