Educators use LearnCoach in the following ways:

  • To support students through NCEA with our teaching videos and other NCEA exam-specific resources.

  • To brush up on their own knowledge before teaching a class.

  • For private tutoring sessions.

How to teach using LearnCoach

1. The Flipped Classroom: In this method the students either watch the video before class or first thing in class to learn the concept. Then the rest of the period is dedicated to practice questions, discussions or rewatching to understand the concept.

2. The homework and reinforcement method: In this method the online teaching happens over Zoom/Hangouts during the period. Then to reinforce their knowledge, specific LearnCoach tasks are given each week to complete. Because the LearnCoach videos teach the content and have activities with video answers the students should never get ‘stuck’.

LearnCoach Classroom

This is our classroom management tool we made for teachers.

Find out more here.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes! This is the best way to get a feel for LearnCoach and how it can help you and your students be successful.

To start a 28 day free trial, register as an educator and follow the prompts.

Can I get a discount for my school?

If you are a big wig at your school or organisation (principal, deputy principal, head of department etc.), and you would like to see how LearnCoach could work for your students before committing to buying, we are happy to discuss options. Get in touch at to chat to one of the team here at LearnCoach.

We also send out a fortnightly email to teachers called The Teacher's Pet.

Here, we tout new content releases, features, advice and other riff raff.

When you register as an educator on LearnCoach, you will automatically be added to this mailing list. If you decide not to register, but would still like to be added to the mailing list, send an email to

For questions about purchasing or to get a quote, email

Click here to find out more about the cost of LearnCoach Classroom.

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