You can cancel your free trial of LearnCoach Classroom by:

  • Going to your LearnCoach Classroom

  • Hover over 'Settings'

  • Clicking on 'My account'

  • Scrolling down to the section 'Current plan details' and clicking the red button 'Cancel plan'

  • Click 'Confirm'.

  • A red button that says 'reactivate plan' will now be there instead. This means you have successfully cancelled your free trial.

Once you have cancelled you will not receive an invoice at the end of your trial.

You will continue to get free access until the end of your trial period.

Why am I being sent an invoice and what can I do about it?

If you have been sent an invoice, it is because your free trial has ended and there are students in your classroom. Invoices are calculated at a cost of $20 per student plus GST.

If you forgot to cancel your free trial and do not wish to pay the invoice, do this:

  • Ignore the invoice and any further correspondence you receive about paying the invoice. The invoice will lapse after 14 days.

If you have further questions about Classrooms trials & invoicing please reach out at

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