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How do I get LearnCoach for my child?
How do I get LearnCoach for my child?

How do parents get LearnCoach?

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Giving your child LearnCoach is a fantastic way to support them through NCEA and empowers them to take responsibility for their learning.

Follow these steps to get your child started on LearnCoach:

  1. Help your child to register a 'Student' account here

    1. They will automatically get 20mins free every day to watch and use any content on the LearnCoach website

  2. To get the most out of LearnCoach, most students require more than 20 minutes per day. For unlimited time per day, you can help your child purchase our premium subscription plan by going to the pricing page.

3 TIPS if you decide to purchase:

  1. There are no refunds for forgetting to turn off the auto-renew, so after purchasing, get your child to go to their account page and turn off the auto-renew. This will prevent the card you purchased on from being charged again in 12 months' time. 7 days before the annual plan is due to auto-renew, an email will be sent to the primary email address listed on the account as a reminder. Note: After 12 months if your auto-renew is on you will not be locked into an annual plan but will continue to be charged monthly until the subscription is cancelled.

  2. We recommend students sign up to LearnCoach using an email they will not lose access to after they leave school. This is so that they do not miss out on any important correspondence after they leave school and lose access to their school email. It's easy to add an extra email address to an account! Just go to the account page and click 'Update login details'. Scroll down to 'update your email', add your new email, and then make that new email your primary email (if you wish to).

  3. Once your minimum subscription term of 12 months has been reached and you have turned off the auto-renew, it is possible to delete your card details from the website.

If you get stuck along the way or have any further questions about helping your child with LearnCoach, reach out at

One day your kids will thank you. Fingers crossed.

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