You can now get real NCEA credits from the LearnCoach website!

Currently there is just the one course available (Income related calculations for 2 credits), however we plan to add many more.

How can I earn credits on LearnCoach?

  1. Click on 'Earn credits' on the left side navigation:

  2. Click into the course you want to sit.

  3. Study the content, using LearnCoach's videos.

  4. Sit the assessments online when you're ready.

  5. Wait for your assessments to be marked.

  6. Get your results and collect the credits!

  7. These credits will then appear on your NZQA Record of Achievement.

How long will it take to earn the 2 credits from the Income related calculations course?

It depends how long you need to study the content. During the trials we've run for these assessments, it tends to take between 3-5hrs.

What grade can I get from doing this course?

Income related calculations is a unit standard, meaning the only available grades are achieved or not achieved.

Can anyone earn credits from courses on the LearnCoach website?

Almost! You do not need to be enrolled in a subject at school to earn credits in that subject on the LearnCoach website.

If you are 13 years or older, a New Zealand Citizen/Resident and haven’t sat the standard before, you should be eligible.

Are there any risks in me trying to earn credits from the LearnCoach website?

There's nothing to lose! Give it a go and you might surprise yourself at how easy it is to earn credits online.

Why can I not see [standard name]

We plan to add many more courses! Currently we only have the one course available (Income related calculations for 2 credits).

Does LearnCoach do every standard?

Not yet. The only course we offer credits for currently is Income related calculations.

Can I use LearnCoach instead of doing a standard with my school?

Not currently. At the moment we only offer one course on the LearnCoach website, which is a unit standard. In the future, if we offer achievement standards, you will be able to complete these using LearnCoach or your school.

How many times can I re-sit the assessment?

If you don't pass on the first try, you can resit the assessment one more time.

Do I need LearnCoach Premium to get credits?

Yes. You can find more information on how to purchase LearnCoach Premium here.

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