NCEA students like you can now get rewarded on the LearnCoach website! You can do this by completing tasks that appear on your dashboard.

How to earn rewards on the LearnCoach website

Go to your dashboard and find the 'Earn Rewards' section. It looks a bit like this:

Then, simply click on 'Win $50'.

This will take you to the Rewards page, where you can browse all the different tasks you can do to learn about various study options. Pick one and give it a go!

You can complete as many tasks as you like or none at all if you genuinely have something better to do with your all-important procrastination time.

Why should I Earn Rewards on the LearnCoach website?

  1. You get rewards, like real money, for completing small tasks online!

  2. You will learn about possible study options

  3. It's a fun way to procrastinate about learn about the future!

Is this a scam?

You're not dreaming. This is really happening.

For those students who are familiar with our Secret Paid Gigs emails, this is like that, but the tasks are a little bit smaller and doing them will genuinely teach you about possible study options most people haven't even considered or heard about.

So what's the grand plan?

Very soon, we will begin adding tasks from New Zealand universities and other education organisations. These tasks will help you get support, scholarships and information about what courses they have on offer. It's currently so hard for students to know all the options when it comes to getting the career they want, so we're hoping these tasks will help fill in the knowledge gaps!

Some tc&cs

We only pay for legitimate responses on legitimate accounts and we will only pay for one legitimate response per person, so we reserve the right to withhold payment for any accounts that we deem are illegitimate.

Individuals are responsible for any tax obligations that arise from completing tasks.

May you learn heaps about possible study options and earn lots of money along the way.

To find out how to get paid to learn about possible study options click here

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