Is Learn UX a paid service?

Yes. You are welcome to watch some content at first to try it out, but to get access to all the materials there is a yearly fee of $96. It took a great effort to put together all the video library and my intent is to develop and enlarge the library. By paying for materials you make it possible. Please, treat it as an investment that is bound to provide quick returns.

Is Learn UX suitable for beginners/advanced designers?

Both. It depends on the course, but most of them provides knowledge from the first steps with a certain tool, to a way more advanced techniques, all in order. Beginners will be able to create their first projects using Sketch, AdobeXD, Figma and many more, and advanced designers will learn about less known features and tricks. 

 It’s „Learn UX’ – why most of your courses are about UI?  

That’s right – most of the video content provides the essential knowledge for UI designers. The main reason for that is that great UI is always a part of great UX. In the future, according to your feedback and requests, I'm planning to add more general materials about User Experience. 

Will you add more content later on?  

Of course – I’m going to constantly develop LearnUX while getting feedback from customers, monitoring the UI and UX environment and searching for new tools to provide the most recent, accurate content. 

What makes your courses better than all the free resources and tutorials? 

To provide the best quality content for you I spend over 6 months preparing and recording the material on the hottest tools in UI/UX industry – based on over 10 years of my experience in web design and e-learning. The knowledge you’re getting from LearnUX courses is complex and essential, from the beginning to an end. You’ll learn tips and tricks based on some real-life examples, and you’ll create a full website or project in to use your new skills in practice. 

Will I be able to download the courses?

No. You won’t be able to download the courses but you can watch them anytime, as many times as you want, for one year, online. You can download all the source files.

I have questions after watching videos. Can I contact someone who’ll clarify? 

Absolutely – we do have a support on Spectrum ( where you can get any answers for your questions about the content. I’d be happy to help you if anything wasn’t clear enough – don’t hesitate to write!

I paid for an access to LearnUX – when I’ll be able to watch video content? 

We have to ask you for just a little bit more patience – you’ll get access really soon and we’re working on it. We want to deliver the highest quality content to many UX/UI designers and we need a bit more time for it to make sure that you’ll get the best experience for the price you paid. After verifying your payment, it might take few hours. This is the small flaw of an early stage of our website - the process will be automated at the earliest and we are already working on it.

Automatic renewal and cancelling payments

The payment will be automatically renewed after one year unless you’ll cancel your subscription. After cancelling subscription, you will still have access to LearnUX for the time that you paid for. Your account will not be closed, you can always buy subscription later, when suitable.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. It took a great amount of effort to put toghether this library and I am pretty confident that it will prove useful for you. But if for any reason you think otherwise, please let me know during 30 days after purchase and you will have the money refundend.

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