Administrators can add public holidays for all the countries and regions in which your employees are based. When Leavetrack calculates the number of days used by an absence, it takes into account any public holidays in the employee's country.

As an example, if an employees takes holiday from Monday-Friday and the Monday is a public holiday, that booking will only use four days from the employee's entitlement, not five.

Public holidays can only be created in the countries or regions in which your employees work. This means you must have at least one employee in the country or region for which you are trying to add a public holiday.

When you have added a location to the employee's record, go to Account > Public Holidays.

Click the "plus" sign in the top right to add a new public holiday.

When you add a public holiday, the drop down box called "Country" will be populated by the various locations in which your employees are based.

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