Groups in Legends of Learning are used for assigning students to specific classes, or for assigning students to groups within classes.
 The reason to set up groups is so that you can launch "To Group" playlists. This type of playlist can be joined only by students in a specific group or groups.
 (Note that using groups is optional; you may prefer to leave all students ungrouped. If you don't set up groups, the playlists you launch will be "To Everyone" playlists, which means that any student with the launch code can join the playlist.)
 Creating groups is done from your student list; click Students.

Your student list displays all students who have joined your playlists, and any students created manually by you.
 To set up a group, click + GROUP.

 Enter the name of your class or group in the white box that at the top of the window that opens, then click the ADD GROUP button.

 Continue filling in and adding group names as needed. The trash can icon can be used to remove a group.

 When all of your groups are created, close the NEW GROUP window.
 To add a student to one or more groups, click the "Add to groups..." field.

Choose the group (or groups) to which the student is assigned. Note that a student can be added to more than one group. For example, a student who takes two of your classes would be in two groups.

 To remove a student from a group, click the X next to the group name.

When you create a new student, you can automatically assign that student to a group. Click + STUDENT.

 After entering the student's name and username, you can assign the student to one or more groups.

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