After you've created a playlist in Legends of Learning and are ready to launch, the next step is for your students join the playlist.
Let your students know your teacher code (this code is not case-sensitive). Your teacher code can be found on the top left of the playlist editor, or by clicking the 'Show Instructions' button.

After you launch the playlist by clicking the green 'Launch' button, have your students navigate to, and click the PLAY NOW button on the right side of the screen.

 Students should click either 'Play at School' or 'Do Assigned Homework' depending on the purpose of the playlist.

 Each student should enter your teacher code and click Next.

If this is the first time students are playing, direct them to click the orange ‘Sign Up’ button.

Students are provided with the option to sign up using a Google account, or to create a username and password to sign up.

If students already have a Legends of Learning account, have them select the purp;e 'Log In' button.

Students are provided with the option to log in using a Google account, or to enter their Legends of Learning username and password to log in.

Once the playlist is launched, students can then join by selecting their playlist. If you've launched multiple playlists, let students know which one they should join.

 Controlling Student Play
After you launch a playlist and your students start playing, your screen will show the playlist's progress and student performance information. Each student is represented by a dot on the playlist progress bar itself, and below the progress bar in the list of students.

If a student has joined your playlist using an incorrect username, you can remove that student by clicking the small X icon below the student's dot. (In fact, you can use the X to remove a student from a playlist for any reason.)

 A removed student can then re-join the playlist by going back to, re-entering the launch code, and using the correct username and password.

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