After you've tried a game or had your students try it out, please let us know what you think! You'll be helping your fellow teachers and you'll be helping Legends of Learning make better games!
The ratings and comments you submit will be visible by other teachers while exploring games.
(Note that these ratings focus on game play. If you'd like to report a bug in a game, an error in curriculum, or offensive content, please contact our support team.)

The easiest way to submit a game rating is using the live playlist bar at the bottom left of Legends of Learning. If you have a playlist live and you would like to leave feedback for a game students are currently playing, click the live playlist indicator to expand the bar.

Click the 'Show Assigned Activities' button for a preview of all games and assessments added to the playlist.

Under each game in the playlist, you will find a WRITE REVIEW button. Click that button to leave a review for teachers and the game developer.

If the playlist is not currently live, you can find the game in its learning objective, either in the games tab or by building a playlist.

Hover over the game tile and click MORE INFO.

In the window that opens, Click WRITE REVIEWS.

In the window that displays, you are first asked to give the game a star rating from 1-5. Select the number of stars that represents how well you liked the game. 

Below the star rating, write a comment for other teachers. You can also write a private note directly to the game developers. This is where you can tell us about a user problem, suggestions to make the game easier to understand or play, concepts that aren't clear, etc. At the bottom of the ratings window are three multiple-choice questions. The first is about how you would use the game: to introduce material, to instruct, or to assess. The second is about easy of play. And the final question asks how well the learning content is integrated into play.

When your rating and review are complete, click SUBMIT. 

Students can also submit their own star ratings. After you assign a playlist, each student will see a rating request appear after each completed game. The student must fill in the number of stars before proceeding to the next game, or proceeding to free play.

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