To begin creating a playlist, click the BUILD A PLAYLIST button on the bottom left of the HOME page.

Next, select your grade level.

Search or browse the topic for which you want students to play a game. Click into the search bar and type the topic, or scroll through the list to browse all available topics.


Each topic has several games from which to choose. A featured game appears in the HIGHLIGHTED GAME tab. 

You can scroll down to find the learning objective's other games (or click the ALL GAMES tab). Any game you click appears in the HIGHLIGHTED GAME tab.

The easiest way to start a new playlist is to click the ADD GAME TO A PLAYLIST button. 

(You can also click the NEW PLAYLIST tab, if you want to start with an empty playlist.)
The new playlist contains the highlighted game in the timeline, with the timer set to 30 minutes by default. This allotted time can be adjusted by sliding the time indicator to the right or left.

Below the timeline is the list of all games for the learning objective, each with its suggested time of play. In this area you'll also find a tab for ASSESSMENTS: knowledge-testing questions that can be added to a playlist.

To fill the playlist, drag up into the timeline each additional game you want your students to play. In this example, the playlist time is set to take 35 minutes. The three games in this playlist have suggested play times of 10 minutes, 8 minutes, and 13 minutes, for a total of 31 minutes.

 Playlist notes:

  • Suggested game-play times are based on averages; some students will take longer, while others will go faster. If a student gets stuck in a game, you can move them ahead.
  • To remove a game or an assessment from a playlist, click the X icon at its top right corner. Changing game order can be done by dragging and dropping.
  • In addition to games, you can also add assessments to a playlist.
  • If a student completes the playlist games before the allotted time is up, the remaining time becomes Free Play. (A playlist containing no games or assessments will be entirely Free Play.) A playlist will end after its allotted time, whether or not students have finished all of the games.
  • It's possible to create a playlist in which the suggested game time exceeds the playlist time. Fast-moving students who complete the games before the allotted time will get free play.
  • Click ADD NEW PLAYLIST TRACK if you want to create multiple playlists for the same launch.
  • The playlist builder also features a CREATE STUDENT button, which enables you to add a student to your student list.

Above each playlist you create, you'll see your teacher code. Your students will need to enter this code to join the playlist. You can also choose whether the playlist will be joined by everyone who has your teacher code, or joined only by specific groups of students. (For details on launching, see Launching Playlists.)

Each playlist is assigned a default name. But to stay organized, it's recommended to assign your own playlist name.

If you have a playlist you're ready to launch, see Launching Playlists. If you're not ready to launch, and want to recall this playlist later, just leave it in the editor or navigate to another page - the playlist is saved in your account as a draft, and can be recalled later. Or if you want to use the playlist for homework, during a specific time window, you can click SCHEDULE (paid accounts only). You can also delete the playlist by clicking the X icon.

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