Once you've created a playlist, or multiple playlists, and your students are ready for the games, the next step is to launch.
 To join a playlist you've created, each student will need to enter your teacher code. This code is listed above each of your playlists.

 Each playlist has a CREATE STUDENT button, in case you want to manually add students to your account before launching.

The way students join a playlist depends on what type of playlist you're launching. There are two types of playlist launches:

  • A "To Everyone" playlist can can be joined by any student who has your teacher code. Students enter the code, then sign in or sign up.

  • A "To Group" playlist can be joined by students in a specific group. Students enter the teacher code, sign in, and are taken directly to their assigned playlist. This type of playlist is useful for launching to specific classes, or groups within a class.

To launch, just click the large, green LAUNCH button to the right of the playlist. (For paid accounts, the SCHEDULE button can be used to launch later, such as for homework.)

For either type of playlist, you can launch when ready, or wait for your students to enter your teacher code. Students who enter your code before you launch will see the "wait" screen until you launch. Once you launch, students choose the learning objective, then sign in to join.
During play, you'll be able to track the progress of each student, including answers to any game questions or assessment questions.

You can sit back and let the playlists run their course, or if needed, click the Pause or Stop buttons.

Pausing playlists is useful if you need a break to re-teach some material, or if you have a short class interruption. Paused playlists can be restarted. Stopping a playlist is final; stopped playlists cannot be restarted.
You can remove a student from a launched playlist by clicking the student's X icon in the student list. You can also skip a student ahead to the next game, which is useful when a student gets stuck.

Each playlist you create, whether or not it was launched, is saved in your account and can be revisited.
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