In addition to including games when creating a playlist, you can also include assessments. An assessment consists of questions the students must answer as part of a playlist.
Assessment questions are selected randomly from a question bank set up for the particular standard. For users with paid accounts, you can also populate assessments with questions you choose from the question bank. 

Quick Assessments

To add a randomly-populated assessment, click QUICK ASSESSMENT at the bottom of the page. NOTE - the questions are chosen randomly from the question bank tied to the standard you are creating the playlist in.

The assessment is given a default number of questions. To change the number of questions, use the arrows to increase or decrease.

Click ADD TO PLAYLIST to add this quick assessment into your playlist. You can drag the assessment into any spot in your playlist that you would like.

Custom Assessments

If you have a paid account, you can also use the CUSTOM ASSESSMENT option.

To build your custom assessment, first, at the top left of the window, choose one or more Concepts and Depth of Knowledge (DOK) levels you want to assess. This will produce a list of questions from which to choose. 

To view the multiple choices for a particular question, hover over the magnifying glass icon.

From the list of possible questions, select the questions you want to include in the assessment. You can do this by clicking the + ADD button, or by dragging the question box to the right side of the window.

These questions then appear on the YOUR CUSTOM ASSESSMENT side of the window. You can drag the order of the questions around on the right side to determine the order in which the questions will be presented to students.

Click ADD TO PLAYLIST to add this custom assessment to your playlist.

By default, an assessment is added to the end of the playlist, but you can drag it to any location.

You can also copy a custom assessment within the playlist track. This is useful if you would like to use that same assessment pack as both a pre- and post-assessment. To do this, click the duplicate icon on the bottom right of the assessment pack.

From there, drag the duplicated assessment pack to the front of the playlist.

Any custom assessment you add to a playlist can be edited by clicking its edit icon. This will re-open the custom assessment editor for you to make and save changes.

 Notes about assessments:

  • After you assign your playlists and students begin play, all assessment questions must be answered before proceeding to the next game or question in the playlist. Students will be told whether their answers were correct. 
  • You can differentiate your playlists by copying playlists and editing custom assessments for different class periods. 
  • When you track student progress, all assessment answers will be displayed, both for the class overall and for each student. If you create custom assessments, these will be listed first in the results, followed by any game questions which will be listed under "Other Questions." If you create quick assessments with randomly-selected questions, these will be included with any game questions, all listed under "Other Questions."

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