After you launch a playlist, you can track the progress and performance of each student who joined the playlist. You can view progress in real time while students are playing the games, or you can view results for completed playlist after it has ended.
 Viewing Student Results During a Playlist (Real-Time)
When you're tracking progress in real time, the playlist progress bar displays the time remaining. Each student who has joined the playlist is represented by a dot, and each student's dot moves along the progress bar as the student advances through the games.

Below the playlist progress bar, on the left side, is the list of students who have joined the playlist. A red dot indicates a student who has navigated away from the playlist. (Many teachers like to display the dashboard screen on an overhead projector, to keep students accountable.)

 In the student list, you can remove a student from the playlist, or skip a student ahead to the next game (for a student who gets stuck in a game).

To the right of the student list are the playlist questions with their answer bars. Two types of questions appear on this list: questions that are included with the games themselves (games that are listed with a Q, indicating a question game), and assessment questions. The questions and their answer bars appear one by one as students submit their answers, in the order in which they appear in the playlist. The colors of each answer bar update in real time, indicating overall class performance: green for correct, red for incorrect.

Answer bar colors enable you to see overall patterns in student knowledge. If a particular question is being answered incorrectly by most or all students, you can pause the playlist for a short break to go over the material.
 The question mark icon for each question can be used to gather specific information about student results. Clicking on a question mark displays a breakdown of answers by student.

The QUESTION DATA button can be used to view a comprehensive list of all playlist questions and answers.

 This list displays results for the class as a whole and for each student. You can download this sheet into an Excel file using the orange download button.

You can click on a student's dot, either on the progress bar or on the student list below, to see how that student is performing.

In the window that opens, you can see the student's answers to questions in both games and assessments.
 You can expand any question list to see each question and the student's answer.

Viewing Student Results for a Completed Playlist
To view student results for a completed playlist, locate the playlist in your account. There are two places to find a specific playlist: in your overall list of playlists found in the My Playlists tab, or in the Your Playlists tab for a specific learning objective.
 A completed playlist in your My Playlist tab has a blue rocket icon. The OPEN icon displays the student results for a completed playlist.

 In the YOUR PLAYLISTS tab for a learning objective, completed playlists have a DATE PLAYED filled in. The OPEN icon displays the student results for a completed playlist.

For any completed playlist, clicking on dots, questions marks, and question data works the same way as when the playlist was live. So if you aren't able to view specific student information during the playlist, you can always access the information later.

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