Legends Academy is a new student experience in which they can play at home without a playlist launched from the teacher. Students can sign up for an at-home Legends Academy account by going to https://app.legendsoflearning.com/login/students/choose and selecting the 'Play at Home' option.

Teachers can also launch the Legends Academy experience in school using the LAUNCH LEGENDS ACADEMY button on the Legends of Learning HOME page. 

After selecting LAUNCH LEGENDS ACADEMY, teachers choose whether they want students to access content for a specific topic (TARGETING LEARNING), or to access content freely from all topics (REVIEW ALL TOPICS).

If TARGETED LEARNING is selected, teachers will need to search or browse for the topic, and then click LAUNCH ACADEMY NOW.

Students will join a launched Legends Academy playlist the same way they join other playlists launched by their teacher.

This new experience gives students engaging features they have been requesting like avatar creation, battling, and quests. Legends Academy acts like a true free play session where students can train and battle in science games and topics of their choosing. 

NOTE: Teachers launching a Legends Academy session in class will not receive student data results. If you would like student performance data, you should build and launch a playlist in a specific learning objective.

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