Using the QUICK PLAY feature, Legends of Learning will build and launch an assignment in your desired topic for you.

Select the QUICK PLAY button on the Home tab of Legends of Learning.

Select the subject you are teaching. Legends of Learning currently has content for science and math.

Select the goal of your assignment - Instructional or Content Review.

  • An Instructional assignment will build an assignment with an instructional game followed by a 5-question assessment pack.

  • A Content Review assignment will build an assignment with a quiz-based game.

Choose your grade level.

Search or browse the topic for which you want students to play a game. Click into the search bar and type the topic, or scroll through the list to browse all available topics.

Click NEXT.

Choose which students you want to have access to this assignment. You can select as many groups as you'd like. Or, you can leave this field blank to open the assignment to all students.

Select the end date for the assignment. NOTE: The start date will always be set to today's date in a QUICK PLAY assignment. 

Click ASSIGN NOW when you're ready for students to play. NOTE: Clicking this button will immediately open the assignment for students and the assignment will remain open until the end date you have chosen.

After selecting Assign Now, you are automatically taken to your Live Assignment page where you can track your students' real-time progress.

Before directing students to complete your assignment, use the confirmation window to choose how students should access this assignment. Click into the dropdown to select one of our various student join methods!

Students are now all set to join your assignment!

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