For questions regarding running Legends of Learning games on iPads, please note the following regarding compatibility:

  • Math games are not compatible on any version of iPad
  • Awakening, whether teacher-assigned or student at-home play, is not compatible on any version of iPad
  • Most science games are compatible on iPad Air 2's or newer
  • iPads older than Air 2's will not work to run science games
  • For best performance, iPads should be running iOS version 13.2 or newer. Version 13 and 13.1 is not optimized for game performance.
  • Science games that are not compatible with iPads will be missing the iPad icon on the Game Details screen.

If you are attempting to run science games on an iPad Air 2 or newer with an updates iOS version and are still experiencing loading issues, please try the following on student devices:

  • Close out all additional tabs on the web browser
  • Completely close all background apps running on the iPad
  • Clear the cookies/cache on the web browser
  • Update the web browser

After following the above steps, if the games continue to not load for students, please feel free to chat with us or email

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