Legends of Learning has thousands of games for every type of learner. Our games fall under two main categories: Instructional Games and Quiz Games.

Each game type has a different use in the classroom and should be chosen depending on the outcomes you wish to achieve with your students.

When building an assignment or assigning a Quick Play assignment, you have the ability to choose between instructional or quiz games.

Instructional Games

Instructional games do not require students to have any background knowledge on the topic. In fact, students learn the content through game play. In order for students to beat the game, they must master the content presented.

NOTE: Instructional games do not provide assessment data for students. If you would like to assess student understanding from an instructional game, we recommend you add an assessment to your assignment.

Instructional games are best used as an introduction to a unit to build background knowledge, as station rotations, or for remediation or intervention.

Quiz Games

Quiz games are meant to be used after the students have learned the content in class. Students review what they know by playing an arcade-style game with questions embedded.

All data from questions answered within the quiz games is visible in your live assignment view. This is also where you can view data for any assessment questions answered.

Quiz games are best used for homework, exit tickets, formative assessments, or for test or quiz review.

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