Teachers can now assign Awakening as a part of their curriculum for homework, test prep, and more! Set up epic battles for your students in standards-aligned topics, and include instructional games to help students prepare for battles. Students battle enemies with cards they collect, all while earning coins to customize their very own avatars.

NOTE: Awakening currently does not work on iPads.

To begin, click the Awakening button from the teacher HOME page.

Select the topic(s) that you would like to assign to students. You can do this by:

  • Filtering the list by math or science standards, or by grade level. 
  • Searching for the topic name
  • Searching for the standard code

NOTE: You can now choose topics from multiple standards and combine them in one assignment!

Click the standard and it will appear on the SELECTED TOPICS column on the right of the screen.

Choose how many questions you want students to answer within each topic. These questions will appear when students battle an enemy avatar.

Choose whether or not you would like students to have access to instructional mini-games to help them prepare for battle. If the check box is selected, students are given the option to play instructional games related to the standard to brush up on their knowledge before entering the battle.

Once you have made your topic selection(s), click NEXT.

On the next page, first name your assignment.

Select the groups you would like to have access to this assignment. Or, keep the assignment open for all students.

Choose the dates you would like the assignment to stay open for students. 

An Awakening assignment will always begin the day you are creating the assignment. The calendar defaults to one week, but you can adjust the end date by clicking the date and selecting your preferred end date.

Click NEXT.

On the next page, you are provided with instructions on how students begin this assignment.  If you use Google Classroom, you can choose to assign this directly to students to access using the ASSIGN TO GOOGLE CLASSROOM button.

You can also print instructions for students to take home using the PRINT TAKE HOME INSTRUCTIONS button. 

Note: You'll need to fill out your teacher code and select the correct sign-in instructions on this form before giving it to students.

Click the VIEW LIVE ASSIGNMENT button to view student progress and performance on the Awakening assignment.

For a glossary of key terms and tips related to the Awakening game, see this article!

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