In order to send Legends of Learning assignment grades to Google Classroom, you must have done the following:

You are able to send completion grades or scores to Google Classroom for any live or completed assignment.

To start, click Assignments on the left navigation menu. Then, select List View (you can also perform the same functions from the Calendar view).

Find the live or completed assignment for which you would like to send grades to Google Classroom. Hover over the three dots to the far right of the assignment and select Send Scores to Google Classroom.

In the window that appears, select Google Classroom. You may be prompted to sign in to your Google Classroom account if you are not already logged in.

Select the GRADE TYPE that you want to send to Google Classroom:

  • The Completed (%) score represents how much of the assignment the student has completed. If you are looking to provide a completion/participation score for students, this will be your best option.

  • The Grade (%) score represents the percent of questions students answered correctly from any quiz game(s) and assessment questions in your assignment. If no assessment questions or quiz games were assigned, choose Completed (%).

Set the TOTAL POINTS that you want the assignment to be worth in your grade book.

Click Send Grades to Google Classroom.

The grades for the assignment will be posted in Google Classroom in the Grades section for each course.

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