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Changing Student Language Settings

How to set student language so games can be played in their native language (currently Spanish only)

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Legends of Learning offers the ability to adjust student language settings so that they can play Learning Universe games in their native language. Currently, Legends of Learning offers games in English and Spanish.

To adjust student language settings, click on the 'Students & Groups' tab on your left navigation menu.

Then select Students.

The default language for all students is English. To update language settings, select the student(s) that you wish to update by clicking the checkbox to the left of the student's name.

Click the three dots at the top left of the student list and then click 'Set Language'.

In the window that appears, select the language that you would like students to receive. Then, click 'Set Language'.

Students will now have the selected language set as their default when playing games in Legends of Learning.

You can also adjust individual student language settings using the edit button for individual students and selecting their language.

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