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lemwarm maximizes your deliverability by using its wonderful community of users ❤️

lemwarm will send emails to other lemlisters by using your account with some uniquely generated content (message and subject) via our smart content algorithm.

This way lemlist creates conversations by sending and replying to those messages within the lemwarm community.

On top of that, all generated emails will be marked as Important and will be saved from spam and category folders to be systematically redirected to the primary box!

This process aims to imitate human behavior to give the impression to email providers that you are manually sending your emails.

Important highlights:

  • lemwarm is only available on paid plans

  • lemwarm is only available for your primary email address, not for aliases

  • Emails that are sent via lemwarm are not included in your lemlist daily limit 💪

We suggest always having lemwarm on to make sure that you have as less as possible things to worry about when it comes to deliverability.

The optimal time to warm up an email address is one month.

During the initial warm-up phase, try not to send outreach campaigns at all.

In case you want to send emails during the warm-up process, we strongly suggest you to keep your volumes lower (25-50 emails a day during week 1, 50-100 emails during week 2, etc.) and increase gradually week after week. Afterward, you can go all in.

Make sure to keep your lemwarm always active since if your leads from your campaigns mark your email as spam, or there is an issue with the deliverability, that will be also reflected on lemwarm's results and you will be able to make conclusions like should you change your content/subject line or decrease the amount of sent emails per day, or maybe change your list of leads. 🔥

1️⃣ Set up your lemwarm

In the app, go to the lemwarm section from the top left menu

Then indicate:

➡️ The number of emails lemwarm will send per day after ramp-up: meaning the limit of total emails that can be reached per day with lemwarm. Once this limit is reached, the increment stops.

If your email account is less than 6 months this maximum number should be 30.

If your email account is more than 6 months this maximum number should be 40.

➡️ The ramp-up increment value per day. You want to gradually send warm-up emails over the days to progressively reach the maximum number you set.

If your email account is less than 6 months this value should be 1.

If your email account is more than 6 months this value should be 2.

As an example, if your ramp-up increment value is 2, here is what is going to happen:

DAY 1 - lemwarm will send 2 emails

DAY 2 - lemwarm will send 4 emails

DAY 3 - lemwarm will send 6 emails

... And so on, until you reach 40 emails per day.

That means, on average your email account should be warmed-up after 3 to 5 weeks.

Once it's all set, don't forget to click Start in the upper right corner and lemwarm will start running!

2️⃣ Go to your email account to create a filter

As you'll be receiving lemwarm emails from other lemlisters who also use this feature, you don't want your lemwarm emails to mix up with the rest of your emails.

This is easy:

➡️ Go to your email account

➡️ Create a filter dedicated to emails with "lemwarm" as a subject

➡️ And tick the 3 boxes as below:

For Outlook accounts, check out this video.

3️⃣ Analyze your reports

At any moment take a look at your lemwarm report. Find your stats at the bottom of the page.

  • Total lemwarm email sent: emails & replies sent to other lemlisters.

  • Total lemwarm email saved from spam & categories, from the moment lemwarm has been started until today.

Select the timeframe you need:

Where are your cold emails landing?

The graph below provides a full overview of where your emails are landing: inbox, categories, spam.

Where are your replies landing?

This second graph provides a full overview of where your replies are landing in other lemlisters email boxes: inbox, categories and spam.

4️⃣ Get notified if lemwarm stops

To prevent harming lemlisters' domain we automatically pause lemwarm when an email bounces.

No worries, you just need to make sure you enabled the Push Notifications from the Homepage, so you'll get notified if this happens and go restart lemwarm right away.

Want to learn more about deliverability? Check this extensive guide!

And in case you need video instructions, here you go 😊

Enjoy ❤️

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