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District and School Connect Activity Summary Report for Administrators
District and School Connect Activity Summary Report for Administrators

The Activity Summary allows Administrators to drill down to an individual student’s response data for an activity.

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Please scroll down to view step-by-step instructions.

1. Click on Reports from the left hand menu.

2. Select the appropriate reporting button for the selected activity - School Activities or District Activities.

3. Click on the teacher's name.

4. Click the Display Students button to show a list of students.

5. Click on the report graph icon next to the student's name. A pop up window appears with a list of report choices.

6. Find the Activity Summary Report option and click the Run Report button.

7. Administrators can view an individual student's response by action or standard. This report displays the students response, correct response, standard, and points earned out of points possible.

8. The Open in Tab button allows for a full screen view of the report. Reports can be printed by using the computer browser within this view.

9. The Preview button displays the students view of the activity.

10. Click on an underlined number to preview the action (item) if applicable.

11. Click on the page icon to view the students constructed or extended responses.

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