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Feature Release: Motion - Bring your images to life!

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Motion is Leonardo.Ai's very first animation tool, capable of breathing life into your stunning generated images. With Motion, you can create animated videos from high quality images without worrying about the style and look of the output.

About Motion

  • Any image, your choice: Breath life into the generated images of your choosing or images from your device* with Motion.

  • Simple UI: With Motion, there are no prompting or complicated sliders and options involved. It's that simple.

  • Enhanced Motion Control: Effortlessly fine-tune the degree of dynamism you wish to infuse into your images.

    * Premium only feature.


Motion offers an new way to bring your visual ideas to life.

Whether you are a marketer creating ads, a content creator in need of engaging visuals or just someone looking to express their imagination, Motion saves you time and resources typically spent on video production and animation by bringing them to life with a click of a button.

With Motion, image quality and style is never an concern as you can easily turn beautiful images done with our best pipelines into quick, high fidelity animations.

How to use Motion

  1. Pick an image: Whether it is on the public feed, an friend's profile, your very own Personal Feed, within the Image Generation tool, or from your device if you are a premium user, Motion is ready to infuse vitality into any image you choose. Just click the Generate Motion video / Image2Motion button to start.

    ​Within the Image Generation tool:

    ​In the Community and Personal Feed:

    ​Uploading your own image (Premium feature):

  2. Set dynamics: Adjust the Motion Strength slider to set how much dynamism gets added to the end result.

  3. Privacy on demand (Image2Motion only | Premium Feature): For premium users, select the Private option if you would like to keep the output hidden from others.

  4. Genesis: Click on the purple Generate button. The final result will be displayed in your Personal Feed as a new generation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Motion a premium feature?

  • Image2Motion is available to all users, while usage of uploaded images is limited to Premium users.

How many tokens does it cost to utilize Motion?

  • It costs 25 tokens for each image (cost is non-variable).

What file formats are supported for uploading to Motion?

  • The supported file formats are: PNG, JPEG/JPG and WEBP (up to 5MB)

How do I upload my own image to generate a motion or a video?

  • To upload your own image to generate a motion or a video, click on the Motion tab on the left side bar. The Image2Motion modal will open. Click on "Select an Image". This will open the "Select Image Input" modal. Click on "Upload an image to get started" to upload an image for motion or video generation. Note that you need to have a paid subscription to be able to upload your own image for Motion.

What file formats are available for downloading?

  • The videos are available only in .mp4 format.

Will the output resolution be the same as my original image?

  • Motion will generate an smaller resolution video in comparison to the original resolution if you have selected an high resolution image to animate. Please be aware that the aspect ratio will be maintained.


Motion is our first foray into animation, and as such, we would love to know if you run into any issues or have any other general thoughts about this new feature.

Please feel free to leave your feedback here.

Thank you for reading! 🙇🏻‍♀️

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