How to Re-assign a Lesson

There are two different ways to re-assign a lesson to a user. 

How to Re-assign from the Lesson or User Overview

First, navigate to the lesson or user overview page > select "View All" next to Completed in the bar graph.

Then locate the lesson to reassign.

When selecting "Reassign" a modal populates asking if a due date should be included.

To include a due date > select "Anytime" > this populates a calendar to select a due date.

The assignor can skip this step if they'd like, and then select "Reassign."

Important Note

We re-assigning this route this does not re-start the user on any questions in the lesson. To restart a user on a completed assignment, keep reading.

How to Reassign from the Assign Modal

When re-assigning content, if a lesson contains quiz questions the assignor needs to re-assign from the "Assign" modal.

When doing so they'll have the ability to select the option to re-start the user on all quiz questions in the lesson.

After selecting "Assign" in the upper right-hand corner > choose the user(s) and content(s) > then in the drop down box "People who have already started any of this content" needs to be set to "will be restarted."

After the assignor selects "Assign" the user(s) are notified via email and prompted to take the content with the ability to answer the quiz questions again.

Important Note

When content is re-assigned the user's original score is replaced with their new score, but all of their scores can be located in their report card history.

Re-Assignment Notification

After the above steps have been taken, the user receives an email notification prompting them to take the lesson again.

If a user was accidentally re-assigned a lesson or if you have any general questions about this process, please reach out to Support at

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