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How to Locate Your Content

You created a lesson, exited out of it, and now you can't find it. What happened?

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Locating Your Content

When creating new content a module populates prompting the creator to include a title of the lesson prior to working in the lesson builder. Some times this step is skipped. That's okay! Titles can always be added a later point in time.

However, it can make it difficult to locate the newly created content without a title if the user exits out and then tries to search for it.

If a user is unable to locate a lesson they originally created, the easiest route to take is filtering on the Content tab by "Creator."

The user can filter "My Content" and look for any lessons with "Untitled" as the title.


If the user is still unable to locate their content, they can reach out to Support at and we would be happy to help.

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