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Send Assignment Reminders
Send Assignment Reminders

Keep learners informed and on task with reminder notifications

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Sending Reminders as an Admin

Navigate to the lesson overview page, and then select View All next to the Incomplete bar chart. Doing so generates a list of all users who haven't completed the assignment, including learners who are overdue.

This is a screenshot of a lesson overview page, on which the Assignments module can be found. This module contains a link that reads View All next to each type of assignment (overdue, incomplete, and completed).

You can remind individual learners by selecting Send Reminder on their corresponding rows.

This screenshot shows what admins and managers see after clicking the View All link in the assignments module, namely a list of learners who've either completed or not completed a given assignment.

After selecting Send Reminder, a blue banner confirming your selection appears at the top of the screen. This banner persists until it's dismissed.

This screenshot shows the blue banner that appears at the top of the Lessonly interface when a notification is sent to a learner. This banner confirms that a notification is being sent.

Shortly thereafter, the learner will receive an assignment reminder via email.

Sending Bulk Reminders

You can send reminders in bulk by checking the 'select all' checkbox above users' names. Admins can then select either:

  • Send Reminder to send a reminder to selected users on the current page, or

  • Send Reminder (all learners) to send a reminder to incomplete users on every page

This screenshot shows the location of the links that allow trainers to send reminders to individuals or to all learners. The links are located at the top of the table; one reads "send reminder", the other reads "send reminder (all learners)"

Admins can also send manual reminders through the Assign module.

  1. Click the Assign button in the upper-right corner

  2. Select the content you want to assign and the assignees

  3. Choose an assign date

  4. On the "Review and assign" confirmation pane, toggle the option bar to read "People who already have this content assigned will receive a reminder."

Sending Reminders as a Manager

Managers (or users with people permissions who oversee a group of users) can send additional reminders through the Assign module in the upper right-hand corner.

After choosing the user(s) and content > under Review and Assign > toggle the option bar to read "People who already have this content assigned will receive a reminder" > then select Send Assignment.

This does not restart the user but nudges them to complete assigned content.

This screenshot shows the assignment module, specifically the part of the menu that allows assignors to notify learners about content assigned to them.

Reminders sent through the assign module can also include an optional assignment message. Use this message to explain your reasons for making the assignment, supply additional instructions and guidelines, or give learners a few words of encouragement!

This message can be customized with HTML text formatting elements. See this article for more information.

Default Reminder Cadence

When assignments have a due date, learners will be reminded to complete them on the following cadence:

  • 7 days before the assignment is due

  • 1 day before the assignment is due

  • 1 day overdue, and

  • 7 days overdue

This schedule cannot be changed or disabled. If a due date is updated, an email will notify learners about the change and reset the reminder cadence. Default reminders are sent at 8:00 AM EST. This time cannot be changed.

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