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How to Integrate BambooHR with Lessonly
How to Integrate BambooHR with Lessonly
Integrating Bamboo HR and Lessonly for easy user management
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What is Bamboo HR?

BambooHR provides companies with human resources software as a service.

BambooHR provides a variety of services including applicant tracking, employee records, payroll, time-off tracking, and much more.

The Lessonly <> BambooHR provides user management syncing users from Bamboo into Lessonly.

Once the sync is set up the integration runs five times a day: 7 AM 1 PM, 7 PM, 9 PM, & 1 AM EST.

The Bamboo <> Lessonly Integration

There are two different set-ups for the Bamboo integration:

  • Bamboo directory

  • Bamboo custom report

For more information on Bamboo Custom Reports check out this article here.

BambooHR Full-Directory Integration

To begin setting up the Bamboo Full-Directory integration the customer needs to provide three items to either the Support team or their designated TAM team member:

  • Bamboo subdomain

  • Bamboo API key

  • A department to sync to Lessonly.

    • Lessonly can sync more than one department or

    • Or the entire Bamboo directory.


- If a sync department is present the integration will sync only the users who are included in the department.

- If a sync department is not provided the integration will sync all users present in Bamboo.

- The sync department attribute is case sensitive and should be comma separated.

If a customer is unsure who to reach out to begin this set-up, please contact Support directly at

BambooHR Field Syncing

Required attributes in a Bamboo user profile:

  • workEmail

  • displayName attribute cannot be modified directly but if it is absent the user cannot be synced.

Optional attributes (these will sync to Lessonly if present):

  • JobTitle

  • Location

  • Division

  • Supervisor

  • Department

Custom attributes:

Only available for the Bamboo Custom Report integration.

Important Note

Hire Date is not supported through the Full-Directory integration. For users to be synced with a hire date, this needs to be done through the Bamboo Custom Report integration.

Archiving users:

  • Any users no longer present will be archived in Lessonly. (those who have been terminated).

  • Users created manually in Lessonly, but not present in the Bamboo directory will not be affected.


Users who are created through the Bamboo integration will not receive a welcome email unless they are assigned content through a trigger or via being synced into a smart group with assigned content. The new users would then receive an assignment email prompting them to create an account and complete the assignment.

If you have any other further questions pleas email Support at 

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