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Enabling SCORM Lessons

First things first: if you find that you're unable to create SCORM lessons, please contact the Support team at and ask to have this feature enabled.

Creating SCORM Lessons

Once SCORM has been enabled, creating a "New SCORM Lesson" will be among the options in the New Content menu.

After selecting "New SCORM Lesson," a modal window will prompt you to input a lesson title, add an optional description, and upload the SCORM package .zip file.

In this same window, you can alter the way learners experience SCORM content in Lessonly.

  • Open in New Window – Leave this option disabled to display SCORM trainings in an embedded iFrame window within the lesson. Enable this option if you'd rather the SCORM training open in a pop-up window outside of Lessonly.

  • Show Navbar with Finish Button – If your SCORM package contains a Finish/Exit button, you can leave this option disabled. However, if your SCORM lesson does not include a Finish/Exit button, we recommend enabling this option so learners can click the Return to LMS button to save their progress in Lessonly.

  • Display full-width – When SCORM trainings are embedded within a lesson, enabling this option will display the training at the full width of the Lessonly interface instead of displaying it within a smaller iframe.

🚨 Note: At this time Lessonly is not compatible with SCORM Cloud Dispatch (a.k.a. cloud hosting). If you add a new version of your course to SCORM Cloud, that course will not automatically update in Lessonly. You must manually upload the latest version of a course package.

SCORM Limitations in Lessonly

You can't use Lessonly to edit SCORM content, but you can assign SCORM lessons just like native Lessonly content, and you can use other content management features such as:

🚨 Note: When added to Lessonly, SCORM content will not display question-and-answer data submitted within the SCORM file. Content owners can see whether a learner has completed a SCORM lesson or not, but quiz content must be accessed via the SCORM authoring tool.

Supported File Formats

Lessonly supports the following SCORM file formats:

  • AICC (3.5, HACP version of 4.0) - .AU, .CRS, .CRT, .DES

  • xAPI (requires a tincan.xml file)

  • cmi5 (requires a cmi5.xml file)

  • SCORM 1.2

  • SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions)

💡 Note: Each SCORM package must contain an imsmanifest.xml file except the xAPI specification, which requires a tincan.xml file.

Learner Experience

SCORM file iFramed into Lessonly

SCORM files in Lessonly are ordinarily embedded as an iframe, a window within a window, as pictured below.

SCORM File In a New Window

When a SCORM file is set to open in a new window, the learner will be prompted to click a button reading Launch Course.

After selecting "Launch Course" the SCORM file will load in a pop-out window outside of Lessonly.

Updating SCORM Content

Suppose you have reason to update a SCORM file, replacing it with a more recent version. You can do this by navigating to the lesson overview page and selecting Update.

This will open up a view that resembles the creation modal:

The title, the description, the workspace (if applicable), the SCORM file itself, and the learning experience can all be edited if needed.

When updating a SCORM file, the updater can decide whether all learners, new and incomplete learners, or only new learners taking the lesson will view the updates:

After making the needed updates > select Update SCORM and the revisions will be saved.

Downloading SCORM Files

Lesson owners can download the latest version of the SCORM file from the lesson overview page.

This can only be done on a lesson-by-lesson basis. If a customer is needing their SCORM packages in bulk they will want to reach out to the original author of the SCORM files. Lessonly is only the host site.

SCORM Analytics

SCORM analytics are similar to lesson analytics and include two main components: Score and Time Taken. Time is only tracked when SCORM files are embedded in a lesson, not when files are opened in a new window.

💡 Important Note: SCORM question data cannot be tracked in Lessonly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do SCORM files have a max size limit? What screen dimensions should my SCORM files have? We've gathered the answers to frequently asked questions such as these and published them in a separate article.

For even more information on creating and editing SCORM files in Lessonly, refer to our technical documentation.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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