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How to Integrate Namely with Lessonly
How to Integrate Namely with Lessonly
Use this integration to sync Namely users into Lessonly
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What is Namely?

Namely is a human resource platform handling payroll, benefits, and talent management all in one place.

How to Set Up the Namely <> Lessonly Integration 

First things first, Namely needs to be enabled for an account. If the Namely integration is not an option under Integrations in Settings, please email Support at, and a member of the Support team can turn this integration on.

Once enabled, this integration can be located by Lessonly admins and users with company setting permissions by selecting the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner > select "Settings," > select "Integrations."

The two pieces of information the admin needs to begin the set-up are:

  • Their Lessonly's instance subdomain

  • A Namely Access Token

How to Create the Namely Access Token

The primary Namely Admin user needs to first create an Access Token. To do so, login to Namely > select API (the lightning bolt icon) > and then select "Create New Personal Token." 

Important Note

The access token is personalized to one user and expires every two years. If the token creator no longer has access to Namely or the token is expired a new token will need to be created.

How to Input and Set the Namely Credentials

The admin will then copy the subdomain and the Namely access token into the specified fields and select "Set Credentials."

💡 The subdomain can be found in the URL of a company's Lessonly account. For example, the URL reads: "" The subdomain is "company."

This kicks off the initial sync which may take between 15-20 minutes. 

After the sync successfully runs, the completion status appears with the timestamp, and the ability to re-sync if needed.

Moving forward syncs automatically run every night at 2:00 am EST.

Custom Group Creation

Depending on the settings selected, there are a couple of different fields able to be synced over from Namely to Lessonly to create Custom Groups. Those fields are:

  • Department

  • Job Tier

Syncing User Fields

In addition to creating Custom Groups, Lessonly can sync over fields from Namely tied to each individual.

The user can select all, a variety, or none of the fields to sync over to Lessonly.

For Custom User Fields, the user can enter Namely fields (separated by commas) to map to Lessonly Custom User Fields.

When syncing custom user fields this doesn't allow new fields to be created in Namely. This only allows an existing Namely field to connect to a custom field already set up in Lessonly.

Important Note

If a field is standard in Namely, for example, "entity" or "division," but is not standard in Lessonly then these fields need to be created as custom fields in Namely. If not, these fields will not sync over from Namely to Lessonly.

💡 Lessonly syncs any user with a Namely "user_status" that is not "inactive". This may effect an organization if they have users in their Namely account set to "pending." Pending users will be synced through to Lessonly.

If you have any questions please reach out to Support at

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