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Upload Documents in the Lesson Builder
Upload Documents in the Lesson Builder

Use the document element to embed external files in lessons

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Uploading Documents

Users with content creation permissions can upload documents to Learning via the lesson builder. Select Add Element, and then select Document from the list.

Next, select Choose a Document, Presentation, or PDF to Upload. Select the files from your device or drag and drop them into the upload interface. You can also upload a document from a URL.

Congratulations! πŸŽ‰ You're ready to enhance a lesson with documents.

Downloading Documents

The document element is ideally suited for situations when learners want to use documents outside of Learning. To download documents in their original format, click Download Original File below the document frame.

Note: As of this writing, it's not possible to restrict users from downloading embedded documents.

Notes and Best Practices

  • Uploaded PowerPoint files are automatically converted to and displayed as PDFs. The original file is retained, however, and selecting Download Original File will do just that. If you want the embedded presentation to function its slide-deck functionality, consider embedding Google Slides instead.

  • You can't use the document element to edit a document. You must edit the file in its original authoring environment, and then upload the new version.

  • Uploaded documents must be 50 MB or smaller.

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