Lessonly's embed element makes it easy to include Google Slides in your lessons. To do so, you'll need to copy the slide deck's share link. Begin by opening the deck you want to embed, then select the yellow Share button in the upper right corner of the page.

This will launch a dialog window like the one pictured below.

Under the heading "General access" is a dropdown menu. Use this to grant viewership permissions to anyone on the internet in possession of the deck's share link.

๐Ÿ’ก Important Note: Setting the Google Doc to Restricted access will prevent learners from seeing the document in Lessonly.

Note that you can specify what kind of access a user should have. You can allow users in your organization to edit slides, or leave comments on them, or you can allow them to view the slides but make no changes.

Lessonly can't track the edits that learners make to embedded slide decks, so we recommend restricting users to view-only permissions. Use Lessonly's learning elements to collect feedback about embedded slides or quiz learners about their contents.

Once you've set your preferences, select the Copy Link button at the bottom of the dialog to copy a shareable URL to your clipboard.

Now, return to the lesson builder in Lessonly. Select the embed element from the Add Element menu.

Paste the URL you just copied. But before clicking Submit, edit the share link, replacing the part of the URL that reads edit?usp=sharing with preview?usp=sharing instead.

You can embed slides without making this change, but learners will see the Slides' production interface rather than a presentation view.

Questions? Contact the Support team at support@lessonly.com

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