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Adding Lessonly to Your Smartphone's Home Screen
Adding Lessonly to Your Smartphone's Home Screen

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Lessonly doesn't have a dedicated mobile app, but you can access our mobile-friendly website right from your smartphone's home screen by creating a shortcut to Lessonly. When you tap this bookmark, Lessonly will open in your web browser, saving you the additional step of having to open your browser and then navigate to Lessonly's URL.

To create a shortcut, follow the steps that apply to your smartphone's operating system.

How to Add a Lessonly Shortcut to an iPhone

  1. Open the Safari web browser, then navigate to your Lessonly account.

  2. In the bottom navigation bar, select the share icon (the box with an upward pointing arrow).

  3. Select Add to Home Screen from the menu.

  4. You'll be prompted to name the bookmark. Do so, then select Add.

  5. Voila! A Lessonly icon has been added to your iOS home screen.

Adding a Lessonly Shortcut to Android

  1. Open Chrome, then Navigate to your Lessonly account.

  2. Select the three dot icon from the upper right corner of the browser.

  3. Select Add to Home screen. A confirmation window will appear.

  4. Select Add. Lessonly will now appear on the home screen as an application.

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