Lessonly doesn't have a dedicated mobile app, but you can still access our mobile-friendly website right from your smartphone's home screen by creating a shortcut to Lessonly. When you tap this bookmark, Lessonly will immediately open in your web browser, sparing you the additional step of having to open your browser and then navigate to Lessonly's URL.

To create a shortcut, follow the steps that apply to your smartphone's operating system.

How to Add a Lessonly Bookmark in iOS

  • Open the Safari web browser, then navigate to your Lessonly account.

  • In the bottom navigation bar, select the box with the upward pointing arrow.

  • Scroll to "Add to Home Screen."

  • It will then prompt the user to name the bookmark, and then select "Add."

💡 This is also applicable for iPads.

How to Add the Lessonly Icon to an Android

  • To start, navigate to your Lessonly account site.

  • Then, press the three dots at the top-right of the Chrome window.

  • Press “Add to Home screen.”

  • Select "Add." The Lessonly site then appears on the home screen as an application.

If you have any other questions, please reach out to support@lessonly.com.

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