Downloading Reports from the Gradebook or Lesson Overview

When downloading reports from"

A blue bar appears at the top of the screen stating the report is loading.

Once the download is complete the bar turns green and is clickable to download the report onto the desktop. 

If you don't see this bar, make sure to scroll to the top of your screen. 

Lesson Overview

When selecting "Export Report" from the lesson overview page the report begins to download as a blue bar labeled "Generating your learner report..."

Once the report is fully downloaded the bar turns green, and is clickable to download the report onto the desktop as a .CSV.

Downloading a Gradebook Report

After filtering as needed in the gradebook, to export this information select "Export XLSX." The same blue and green bar can be found when downloading a report from the gradebook.

After the report has been fully loaded, the bar turns green and is clickable. Select "The Gradebook export you requested is ready to download!" and the report downloads onto the desktop.

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