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What are Insights for Managers?

Managers are key players in the hierarchy of roles at Seismic Learning. Managers with an assigned group of users are able to view data for their individuals they manage (via group management) on the Insights tab.

This data will include:

  • Learner Engagement

  • Learner Impact

  • Activity Feed

  • Training Activity

  • & More Reports

Managers with an assigned group of users can view their users' search activity, their active users for the month, all incomplete and completed assignments, feedback on content they have ownership over, and more.

All of this data can be summarized in a variety of downloadable reports so they are able to quickly identify action items and next steps when it pertains to training their team.

Insights for managers looks very similar to the Insights tab for admins. Unlike the admin view however, managers are not able to view activity for all users in a Learning instance. They can only view information for their assigned group members.

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