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Create a Hierarchy of Users

Create a snapshot of your organization's structure within Seismic Learning

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Hierarchies allow customers to create a snapshot of their organization structure within Seismic Learning. Hierarchies allow admins and managers to access their direct and indirect user data, and assign content to entire branches of the company.

Important! This feature is only available to customers who sync using sFTP. Groups created via sFTP must be updated via sFTP file, not within the Learning user interface. Making changes via sFTP prevents user management failures.

To avoid issues with user provisioning, it's important (especially for batch hierarchy sFTP syncs) that users aren't added via SSO (aka SSO provisioning). If your company is running a hierarchy (batch) sFTP sync, you should disable SSO provisioning.

Learn more about the technical specifications of Learning hierarchies.

Locate Hierarchy Organizations

Hierarchy organizations are located directly above Smart Groups on the left-hand side of the People page.

Select My Organization. Nested groups appear in hierarchical order.

Groups in organizations are nested within Parent Groups. They can have any number of Child Groups.

A hierarchical group member is considered a member of any group ancestors. In other words, such a group is a member of the group's parent, and the group's parent's parent, and so forth.

Accordingly, managers of hierarchical groups are considered managers of any group descendants. They can manage the group's children, and the group's children's children, etc.

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