Lessonly's Open API

API is an application programming interface allowing two networks to communicate with one another. In Lessonly's case, it allows customers to write a program that interfaces with the Lessonly application enabling their platform to interact with Lessonly and share data.

What is Available Through Lessonly's API?

Lessonly API allows the following:

  • Retrieve a list of users and groups

  • Create new users

  • Add new users to groups

  • Edit a user

  • Retrieve a list of content (lessons & paths)

  • Retrieve a list of what assigned group content

  • Retrieve a list of path contents and includes every step of the path. If the step is a nested path it returns a nested response

  • Assign content to a user or group

  • User's scores on assigned content

To view the complete API documentation select here.

💡 Note: API timestamp data is returned in EST.

How to Access the API Key

All Lessonly customers have access to the open API.

To enable the API > navigate to the Settings tab by selecting the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner > then select the "API & Webhooks," > and choose "Show API credentials."

After selecting Show API credentials, the API Key is revealed and can begin setting up third-party integrations with software Lessonly doesn't directly integrate with.

🚨 Note: Treat this key as a password. If accessed by someone outside of an organization, it is recommended to regenerate it for security purposes.

Once the key has been generated, the above documentation is linked directly from this page by selecting "See API Docs."


Questions? Contact the Support team at support@lessonly.com

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