What is it and why do you use it?

An open API is an application programming interface that allows the owner of a network-accessible service to give universal access to their customers of that service. It allows Lessonly customers to write a program that interfaces with our application, which enables their application to interact with ours and share data.

How does it work at Lessonly?

You can use our Open API to do the following:

  • Retrieve a list of users and groups in the company

  • Add a new user to the company and add that user to groups

  • Edit a user's information

  • Retrieve a list of lessons and paths in the company

  • Retrieve a list of what lessons and paths are assigned to a user or group in the company

  • Retrieve a list of path contents and includes every step of the path. If the step is a nested path it returns a nested response

  • Assign a lesson or path to a user or group

  • Find out how a user performed on a lesson

You can see the complete API documentation at docs.lessonly.

Lessonly customers can also add some of their own automation! 

Here are a few practical things they can do with the API:

  • When a new employee joins the company, it automatically creates a Lessonly user and assigns them specified lessons if this has been set up.

  • Assign a lesson to everyone in the company.

  • Keep track of how their employees are doing with their training and keep record in their own system.

  • Create their own admin dashboard to keep track of training progress and to assign lessons.

How do I set up a Customer with access to the Open API?

If you would like this feature enabled within your account, please email support@lessonly.com and we will turn this feature on for you.

  • Then, you will want to navigate to the settings tab by selecting the cog icon in the upper right hand corner and selecting the "Show API Credentials" button.

  • Once you have reached this step, your API Key will be revealed and you can begin using it. 

The documentation at docs.lessonly.com will provide more insight to your developers as you begin this process and how the API key works in a variety of settings.

If you have any other questions please contact either your CX manager or email support@lessonly.com. 

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