Webcam, Screen, and Audio Recording
Add media elements to lessons through webcam, screen recordings, and audio recordings.
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Adding Media Elements

Users with lesson editing permission can include media elements by selecting the Video or Audio element in the lesson builder.

Video Element

When selecting Video, a variety of recordings are available for the user to access.

They can:

  • Record only a webcam video

  • Record a webcam video while recording their screen

  • Record only a screen recording

  • Upload a video file

  • Or embed a video URL

Accepted File Formats

Lessonly accepts the following video file formats:














Files must be no larger than 1 GB.

Audio Recording

Users with content editing permission can add audio recordings by selecting Audio in the lesson builder.

From there, the user is presented with two options:

  • Record Audio - when recording audio, Lessonly accesses the user's internal desktop microphone to capture sound.

  • Upload Audio - users can upload pre-saved files.

Accepted File Formats

Lessonly accepts the following audio file formats:




Files must be no larger than 5 MB.

Lessonly Recording Extension

When selecting screen recordings, this feature is supported by a Lessonly Recording Extension. Before being able to record the screen, the user will need to download the extension to their Chrome browser.

💡 Important Note: This function is only supported in Google Chrome. Check out this article for information on other browsers.

After adding the Extension, a popup alerts the user of the permissions needed for this feature to work appropriately. This is a Chrome requirement.

The Lessonly Recording extension only accesses a user's screen while in use. This article breaks down the need for this permission in more detail.

Uploading Recordings

After creating a recording a modal appears for the creator to review and make any revisions to the recording.

Editing includes:

  • Trimming

  • Cropping

  • Adding overlaid text

  • Including emojis

  • Placing callouts

  • Blurring

  • Resizing

Once done editing the user can select Submit to add the recording to the lesson.

The annotation tools are only available when located on a Chrome browser screen, and are not available in non-Chrome browser applications (ex. PowerPoint).

Video Toolbar Functionalities

  • Pause - pauses the recording until you are ready to start recording again

  • Stop - will stop your recording and then ask for you to submit your recording if you are ready to do so

  • Animation - will bring attention by creating a bullseye from the arrow on your screen as you select the screen. This could be used when walking a user through a specific tutorial that has necessary steps in place for them to take.

  • Highlighter - allows you to highlight specific parts of the screen to bring the user's attention to that area.

  • Focus - will darken the screen in all areas other than the area where the mouse is located. It is meant to bring the user's eye to a specific part of the screen when needed.

  • Eraser - erases any marks you have made within the video.

  • Clear - when selected will clear out any marks/edits made to the recording.

💡 Important Note: These functionalities are only accessible when using the video recording element.

Video Performance and Uploading Preferences

For best performance, Lessonly recommends videos are uploaded as 480p and the maximum time of a video upload is 60 minutes.  

As a suggestion, for videos longer than 40 minutes, Lessonly recommends breaking the video up into increments of 15 minutes for the best learner experience.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Lessonly automatically create captions for my videos?

A. Not at the moment, but we're committed to making Lessonly accessible for all learners. Is speech recognition a feature you'd like to have? Let us know! Submit your ideas to our product feedback portal. As a workaround, upload your videos to YouTube, which does apply automatic captioning, then embed the subtitled videos in your lessons.

Q. Can users adjust the playback speed of recordings?

A. Yes. Recordings can be slowed down or speeded up in quarter-sized increments between .5x and 2x.

Q. How can customers retrieve videos recorded in Lessonly?

A. To retrieve videos from Lessonly, please email Support at

Q. What happens if a user tries to record in Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer?

A. If users are not in Google Chrome, the 'Record' option is greyed out, and the user will be prompted to upload a recording.

Q. What is the minimum length for an upload?

A. The minimum length of an A/V file is 1 second.

Questions? Contact the Support team at

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