How to Add or Update Due Dates

Due dates can be added when assigning content or at a later date.

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How to Add Due Dates to Assigned Content

When assigning content, a due date can be added in the Scheduling tab by selecting the calendar icon.

When a due date is included, the assigned content becomes overdue at 12am EST the day of the due date.

For example: If the content is due on 12/03/2020, the content is marked as overdue at 12/04/2020, 12:00 am. The user will have the entire day of the due date to complete their lesson.

Updating Assigned Content to have a Due Date

If the content has already been assigned, a due date can be added to individuals or users in bulk from either the content overview page or the user's overview page.

Lesson Overview Page

From the content overview page, the assignor/editor can set a due date by selecting View All next to Incomplete.

Then select "Set due date" next to the individual.

Or the assignor/editor can check the box next to Name to bulk add a due date for multiple users at one time.

Important Note

If the content has been assigned through a path, and a user is wanting to update an individual lesson's due date and not the entire path they need to navigate to the lesson overview page to do so.

User Overview Page

Similar to the content overview page, the assignor/editor can navigate to a specific individual's overview page > select on View All next to Incomplete > locate the lesson and set a due date.

When setting a due date after content has already been assigned, the user is notified of the update via email as pictured below.

💡 Note: At present, assignment due dates are inextricably linked with the original assignor. In the scenario pictured above, for example, Jane Doe has assigned Mary Kate a lesson. But if another user with people management permissions––call him John Doe––alters Jane's original due date, the system will alert Mary Kate to this change, but it will appear to have come from Jane rather than John.

When due dates are included on assigned content, by default Seismic Learning includes four automatic reminder emails notifying the assignees of the due date.

Users receive an email seven days before the assignment is due, one day before, one day after the assignment is due, and seven days after. Any additional reminder emails need to be manually sent.

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