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Adding Group & Date Filters to Insights
Adding Group & Date Filters to Insights

Narrow down searches by including group and date filters.

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Adding Group and Date Filters

On the Insights tab, group and date filters can be located at the top of the page. When filtering, one group or multiple groups can be selected for a specific time frame.

By default, admins will see data for the entire company in the last 90 days.

Group Filter

Date Range Filter

When filtering by date range, certain reports will be hidden such as the Incomplete Assignment report since there is not technically an end date yet. The date filter shows assignments Started At (beginning date) and Completed At (end-date).

Learner Satisfaction Report

For the Learner Satisfaction report, the Highest and Lowest Rated lessons have to have a minimum of 5 ratings to be displayed. When filtering by a group, if lessons do not appear it means none of the Highest and Lowest Rated lessons completed have at least 5 ratings.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed is only filterable by groups. If a date range is applied a message stating, "At this time, the date filter does not apply to the activity feed."

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