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What Does It Mean to Archive Content?

Archiving is Lessonly's version of deleting. Archiving a lesson or path removes it from the Content tab and the Learn dashboard, provided it's been assigned or designated as optional learning. Archived content can be found in the––you guessed it––Archives.

How to Archive a Lesson, Path or Certification Path

The Archive button is located in the gray navigation bar on the lesson or path overview page.

Here's how it appears on the Lesson Overview page.

This screenshot shows the location of the Archive button on the lesson overview page of Lessonly's interface.

And here's how it appears on the Path Overview page.

This screenshot shows the location of the Archive button on the path overview page of Lessonly's interface.

After clicking the Archive button, a modal window will prompt you to confirm your decision. Click OK to proceed.

This screenshot shows the modal window that appears after a user clicks the Archive button on a lesson or path. The window instructs users that "archiving this lesson will remove live data from users and the gradebook."

💡Important Note: When a lesson is archived, all user data is archived with the content.

How to Restore a Lesson or Path

You can restore archived content by navigating to the Archives, located in the lower right corner of the Content tab.

This screenshot shows the location of the View Archives button on the Content tab of Lessonly's interface.

Users can filter their archives by content type...

This screenshot shows the different options for filtering archived content: the options include filtering by lesson, user, event, group, smart group, path and certification path, and practice scenario.

...or find archived content by searching for words in its title.

💡 Important Note: If a title has a "+" in it––"Rodgers + Hammerstein", for example––the + symbol must be removed or the search function won't locate your content. Search "Rodgers" or "Hammerstein", but leave out the + sign.

Once you find the content you want to restore, click its title, then click the Restore button on its overview page.

Archived Lesson Overview

Archived Path/Certificate Overview

You'll be prompted to confirm that you want to restore the lesson or path. Click Yes, Restore to proceed.

This screenshot shows the window that prompts users to confirm they want to restore previously archived content. Users can cancel this action by clicking that button or proceed to restore content by clicking the button that reads "Yes, restore."

The interface will be refreshed with a green banner confirming that your previously archived lesson or path was returned to the Content tab.

This screenshot shows how Lessonly's interface changes when content is restored. A green banner appears under the menu bar at the top of the screen. In the banner, the name of previously archived content is given, followed by confirmation that this content was restored.

Important Notes

  • When a lesson is archived it's subsequently removed from any path(s) it lived in.

  • By archiving a lesson, all assignments associated with it are removed, including those associated with a path assignment.

  • When a lesson is restored, it will not be returned to any paths it once lived in. Assignment data, too, will not be restored.

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