What is Training Activity?

Training activity allows managers a view into the activity and performance of the people they manage on specific content, no matter if they share ownership of this content or not.

Users with the rights to manage people automatically have read-only access to content overview pages assigned to the users they manage.

Users cannot edit the content unless they have ownership of the content allowed permission through the Content Ownership permission setting.

Content overview pages can be accessed through:

  • Selecting the content link located under the Latest Activity section on a user's overview page.

  • Selecting the content links under Activity Feed located in Insights.

  • Selecting the content links on Training Activity located in Insights.

  • Selecting on the lesson link in the Gradebook.

Where is Training Activity?

Training Activity is on the Insights page for admins, managers, creators, and custom roles (dependent on their permission settings).

Important note

The Training Activity tab is only be available to roles where the permission is set to:

  • Can be granted management rights for people on a group-by-group basis


  • Has automatic management rights for all people and groups. 

If you have any questions please email Support at support@lessonly.com. 

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