Event Management Permissions

How to update event permissions to allow users to create and manage events.

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Event Management is a permission setting that allows non-admin users to manage and create events. When disabled, only admins have the ability to manage events.

Event Permissions Criterion

Similar to People Management and Content Ownership, there are a variety of options to choose from:

No event management rights

When selected users cannot create, edit, or be named instructors of any events. This leaves all event management up to admins. 

Can be named an instructor of an event

When enabled, users can be instructors on events. Users can also manage the events they are instructors of. They cannot manage or edit any other events or create new events.

Can create and manage all events in the system

When selected users can create, access, and manage all events, regardless of whether they are selected as the instructor on the event.

Note: Event archives do not have separate permissions. To enable a user to view archived events, they need access to People and/or Content archives.

Editing the Instructor of an Event

When editing the instructor of an event, Seismic Learning provides a warning message confirming the change and allowing the user to check whether or not to notify the attendants of this change.

Note: If the user updating the event is the instructor, and they are not an admin once the change takes place (dependent on permissions), they will not be able to access the event again after the update.

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