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Prevent Learners from Altering Event Attendance Records
Prevent Learners from Altering Event Attendance Records

How to remove the ability for users to edit the event attendance.

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About This Task

After a training event concludes, attendees can change their attendance records to show that they attended or did not attend an event. This setting is enabled by default.

But suppose attendees incorrectly mark themselves as having attended an event when, in fact, they didn't. To prevent such chicanery, disable this setting, and thereby prevent users from altering their attendance records.

Before you begin: You must be an admin or have permission to edit company settings.

Prevent Learners from Editing Event Attendance

Select the gear icon in the upper right corner > select Settings > select Event Settings > deselect the checkbox labeled "Allow Learners to mark themselves as attended after an event is over?"

As long as this setting is disabled, event facilitators and/or instructors must manually update attendance records on the event overview page.

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