What is Lesson Collaboration?

Lesson collaboration allows lesson owners to leave comments or feedback to other owners in the lesson builder.

When leaving comments for peers to review it helps to ensure all content is as up to date as possible.

How Lesson Collaboration Works

Admins and users with content ownership can leave collab notes for their peers to review in the lesson builder. To navigate to the lesson builder > select Content > locate the lesson to edit > select the lesson title > select "New Draft."

This opens up the lesson builder > the user can then select the chat bubble on the right side of the element where they wish to leave a comment.

To notify a peer of a comment, the commenter needs to input "@" followed by their fellow teammate. The user then receives an email alerting them a discussion has begun or is continuing, and prompts them to reply.ย 

Important Note

To be able to @ a fellow lesson builder they need to also have ownership of the content.

How to End a Discussion

When the discussion has ended, select the three vertical dots at the top-right of the comment and select โ€œResolve.โ€

Important Note

There is currently not a report or a god's eye view of all comments left in the lesson builder. The user receiving the comment will need to check their email to view which lesson the comment was left in.

If you have any questions in regards please email Support at support@lessonly.com.ย 

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