Why Save a Default View?

Depending on the amount of content living in an environment, oftentimes content owners may have a specific filter they use to easily search through their content.

More often than not they may do this same action each time they navigate to the Content tab. This can become repetitive and inefficient. 

Setting a default view allows the user to save the filter(s) they have selected so the next time they come back to the Contents page they won't need to filter again.

How to Set a Default View

Users with access to content need to first apply the filter they most frequently use and then select on "No Default View Set" > then select "Save Current View as Default."

Updating the Default View

Users can change the default filter or remove the saved default view by selecting "Clear Filters," and then selecting "Unsaved View" and choosing "Revert to Default View."

If you have any questions please reach out to Support at support@lessonly.com. 

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