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Complete and Incomplete Assignment Report
Complete and Incomplete Assignment Report

View users' complete and incomplete assignment data, the assignor, and the source of the assignment.

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What is the Complete and Incomplete Assignment Report?

The complete and incomplete assignment reports are available to admins and users with assigned groups and content ownership.

By default, both reports show data for the last 90 days.

The completed assignment report can be filtered to show for a specific time frame. When applying a date filter, the incomplete report is removed. Technically the users have not finished therefore an end date does not apply to this report.

Both reports contain assignment data such as the assignee's name, the assignment type, the date of the assignment, the start date, the due date (if applicable), the assignor, and the source of the assignment.

Important Notes

  • The Assignor Name only displays information if the Assignor Source Column is Via_Assignment otherwise, this column is left blank.

  • Assignor source data started being tracked on September 17, 2019.

Assignment Source

The assignor source is how the assignment is sent to the users. The source can be displayed in seven different ways.

  • Via_Assignment - is an assignment sent through a direct assignment.

  • Via_Group_Trigger - a group trigger assignment

  • Via_Content_Trigger - a content triggered assignment

  • Via_API - an assignment made with Seismic Learning's API.

  • Via_Scheduled_Assignment - a direct assignment set for a future date.

  • Via_Learning_Library - completed content through optional learning.

  • Via_Shared_Link - an assignment created from a shared link.

Where is the Complete and Incomplete Assignment Report?

Both reports are located on the Insights page under "Learner Engagement."

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