Allow users without emails to login with a username and password.

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Usernames in Seismic Learning

Implementing usernames provides an alternative route to authenticating users without emails.

Learning users can have usernames, emails, or both.

Usernames is a fully integrated solution for all of Learning's current user management strategies. 

Username Requirements

  1. Usernames can contain numbers, letters, periods, hyphens, and underscores

  2. Must begin with a number or letter

  3. Cannot contain "@"

  4. The username cannot contain space characters (newlines, tabs, spaces, etc).

  5. A username’s max length is 254 characters

  6. Usernames are not case sensitive ("ABCD" and "abcd" are the same)

Setting Up Usernames

To enable usernames, please reach out to Support at for assistance.

When usernames have been enabled for an account, the login page then contains the option for users to place either an email or a username in the top box, followed by their password.

Important Note

If a user has both an email and a username they are able to sign in with either.

Setting Up New Users with Usernames

When creating a new user in Learning, the creator has the ability to enter an email or username. If the username is selected without an email, the creator is prompted to create a password for the user.  

Important Note

Password validation requirements cannot be adjusted or customized.

If you have any questions please email Support at 

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